UNE Student Caucus at AVH

UNE Student Caucus

Welcome University of New England students!

Welcome to AVH

Androscoggin Valley Hospital (AVH) is a non-profit, 25-bed Critical Access Hospital that provides comprehensive, quality, and compassionate medical care to families and visitors of the greater Androscoggin Valley area.

AVH offers 24/7 emergency care, inpatient intensive and acute care of most medical issues, obstetrical care, outpatient care and services, specialty care through our physician practice, AVH Surgical Associates (ASA), and an arrangement for treatment of all other problems with the nearest tertiary care facility.

AVH is a member of North Country Healthcare (NCH), an Integrated Health Delivery Network in Northern New Hampshire, which includes three  hospitals and a home health and hospice agency. The affiliation provides an opportunity for all four facilities to work together to improve the quality of patient care and limit the cost of health care in the North Country.

Top Questions Asked by Students

  • What does a typical day look like for a student and what do the schedules/rotations look like?
    • During your third year, you will be doing eight rotations with each being six weeks long. A typical day will be meeting  your preceptor in the morning and working with them, or other physicians during the day. Most days end at 4pm or 5pm, but this varies depending on the rotation.   
  • Student to physician ratio:
    • 2:1
  • How often do you get to work with your preceptor?
    • You will be working one-on-one with your preceptor every day. There are also opportunities to work with other physicians during your rotations and it is encouraged to take advantage of this. 
  • How much hands-on experience does each student get?
    • You will learn hands-on with your preceptor during each rotation.
  • Are there any residents or other students at Androscoggin Valley Hospital during your rotation?
    • There aren’t any residents at Androscoggin Valley Hospital and there will be few students during your rotations here. This allows you to get feedback from your preceptor and to work closely together.
  • Are there opportunities to shadow in other departments, in addition to just your assigned rotations?
    • Yes. You can shadow in the Emergency Department and in the specialty practices.
  • Student housing and where students normally live:
    • Students typically live in apartments in Berlin or Gorham, New Hampshire. 
  • Challenges or struggles that some students have here?
    • You must be self-motivated and take advantage of autonomy.  
  • What makes Androscoggin Valley Hospital unique?
    • Our hospital is located in a beautiful area with plenty of things to do outdoors and in the local area. We offer many services and health care options to our patients. As a student, you will work closely with your preceptor, have the ability to work in multiple areas of the hospital and will be apart of a great community!

Typical Rotation Schedule

Ask us about modifying your schedule to meet your individual preferences.

Block 1: Internal Medicine (#1)
Start your day at 7:00 a.m., round on your patients. Review with the team. Attend procedures or relevant meetings. Spend time with specialists.

Block 2: Surgery
Start your day at 7:15 a.m. Spend the morning hands-on in the Operating Room, afternoons in the clinic learning how patients get to the Operating Room.

Block 3: Elective

Block 4: Psych (Off-Site, arranged with University of New England)

Block 5: Elective

Block 6: Family Medicine
Spend 4 days/week in clinic with DOs and MDs, 1 day/week in the Emergency Department seeing patients.

Block 7: Pediatrics
See up to 12 patients independently, Monday – Friday, in the local clinic. Provide assessments and discuss treatment options with the Attending.

Block 8: Internal Medicine (#2)
Spend more time with specialists to round out your Internal Medicine knowledge.

What Previous Students Have Said...

“Providers have time to spend with student. There is a good mix of cases. The staff is friendly and conducive to learning.”

“I had the freedom to arrange most of my days in a way that made sense to me and would allow me to make the most of my time at the hospital.”

“Most of the doctors at the hospital are eager to teach and are willing to sacrifice time out of their day to help me learn.”

“Being the only student, I get a lot of attention from the Medical Staff.”

“Good volume of patients. Held to a high standard. Grew medical knowledge and clinical skills significantly.”

“My anatomy and surgical knowledge increased and my suturing skills improved. I gained the trust of the surgeons and was able to do more in surgery as an assist.”

“There is so much to do outside the hospital when you need to recharge.”

“This site fosters a supportive learning environment and allows you the autonomy to support your learning style.”