Identifying potential foot and ankle issues at an early stage.


Weeks Medical Center provides outreach podiatry services at the AVH Professional Center in Berlin.

The following providers are available for appointments at AVH:

Services offered:

  • Biopsy of suspicious skin lesions
  • Chronic swelling
  • Complications¬†from surgery
  • Compromised circulation
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of foot deformities such has bunions, hammertoes, lumps and bumps
  • Diabetic ulcers and complications
  • Edema control
  • Fabrication of custom orthotic devices
  • Innovative methods to offload and protect wounds
  • Lower extremity wounds
  • Overuse and sports injuries
  • Treatment of foot pain, heel spurs, pinched nerves
  • Treatment of skin complaints including warts, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails
  • Use of negative pressure wound therapy
  • Venous Insufficiency management

For an appointment, please call (603) 788-5095.

Podiatry Providers