Values have been developed for all Androscoggin Valley Hospital team members to follow. These values establish specific behaviors that team members are required to practice while on duty. Compiled by team members themselves, these behaviors are demonstrated by AVH’s conscientious and caring workforce. By incorporating these values, we expect team members to be diligent about practicing them every work day.

Sense of Ownership: Investing in our work place and culture, as a reflection of ourselves, promoting a safe environment.

Collaboration: Working together, encouraging teamwork.

Quality: High quality patient-centered holistic care, delivered with compassion and empathy.

Integrity: Always doing the right thing; respecting patients and staff. Honesty and transparency; kindness.

Flexibility: Accepting change as an opportunity to grow while honoring our past and creating our new legacy.

Communication: Listen attentively to understand needs and deliver with courtesy, clarity, and compassion.

Service: Exceeding expectations while meeting the changing needs of our community.

Accountability: Accepting and taking responsibility for our own actions and feelings, and taking initiative to ensure a safe and supportive workplace.

At AVH, rooted in Ownership and Accountability, and nourished by Collaboration and Communication, we have the strength of our Integrity, which allows us to deliver with Flexibility, excellent Service, and Quality for our Community.

The leaves of this tree represent specific instances in which individuals or teams at AVH exhibited behavior consistent with these values. It is through these behaviors that our tree continues to grow.

Only through adhering to and “living” these Values will we achieve our Vision of being one of the top ten Critical Access Hospitals in the Country.
~Michael D. Peterson, FACHE, President