The Medical-Surgical Unit at Androscoggin Valley Hospital

Our Medical-Surgical team at Androscoggin Valley Hospital provides quality care to adult and pediatric patients who are acutely ill, injured or in varying stages of recuperation from medical illness, diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical intervention.

The nursing staff and unit coordinators who make up the Medical-Surgical team are specialists with extensive skills and knowledge. They take pride in their professionalism, competence, compassion and commitment to each patient. Their humanistic approach is expressed through kind words, gentle touch and a tender smile. They strive to maximize healing through the prompt detection of emergency conditions and the prevention of complications associated with diseases and disorders.

The Medical-Surgical Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art non-invasive blood pressure machines, patient beds, oximeters, alarms, lifting devices and other patient care equipment. The staff also utilizes a computer documentation system when accessing or updating electronic patient records, including at the bedside.

To help ensure a positive outcome, the RN collaborates with the patient, physician, Medical-Surgical team and ancillary healthcare providers, such as cardiopulmonary and rehabilitation staff, to develop an individualized plan of care to fit each patient.

Throughout the hospital stay, patients and their families are provided education about the patient’s particular disease or disorder, as well as any surgery, medications, pain control measures, treatments or procedures.

New Room Service Plan

Now AVH has made it possible for patients to select their meals and have them delivered to their room.  Meals are prepared by the highly-trained staff of the AVH
Food Services Department, and are known to routinely exceed patient expectations.