Rehabilitation Services

Recovering from an injury, illness or surgery can be challenging. The Androscoggin Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Services team can help! Our expert therapists will design a program to get you back to optimal functioning as soon as possible, using a wide variety of therapies and equipment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

Physical Therapy

Using evidenced based practice, our physical therapists help patients achieve maximum levels of physical mobility, strength, endurance, balance and coordination.  Manual techniques, exercise, stretching, weights and electrotherapy equipment such as TENS may be used.  Physical Therapists also work on relieving pain, allowing patients to move easier.  Here is what our patients say about us:

"AVH Rehab Services is and will continue to be my first choice."

"It has been a wonderful experience.  Friendly people.  Helpful people.  Easy to talk to."

"Very good.  The therapists are excellent in what they do.  Very informative!"

"Therapists were very patient with me and never made me do anything that was painful."

"The care was very good."

"The therapist was very polite, explained things and showed me what to do.  Very caring.  Told me to take a rest and offered me drinks."

"It all went very well.  Pleased with the outcome.  Thanks."

"Therapist thorough in demonstration, explanation of program."

"They are doing a great job."

"I thought Erin Samel was a very good provider.  She encouraged me very much.  I feel better becuase of the care I got from her.  Thank you."

"Therapist Erin Samel - She always used hand sanitizer before greeting me and beginning therapy.  I felt she was truly interested in my care and success."

"They were all wonderful and helped me a lot."

Occupational Therapy (OT)

The occupational therapists focus on increasing, enhancing and adapting patients' environment and daily living skills to increase their level of independence. We offer on- and off-site programs, including outpatient rehabilitation, job site analysis/ergonomic evaluations, and functional capacity evaluations.  Rehabilitation is holistic and client centered promoting health and well-being through occupation.  Here's what our clients have to say:

"I had Amanda Reardon, Certified Hand Therapist, by request.  I have had her in the past as has my wife.  She's excellent.  AVH should consider her a great asset to its Occupational Therapy Department."

"I had very good care.  Amanda Reardon did a great job."

"The therapist and staff were very helpful.  They are great."

"Fantastic staff!"

"The best care from the most concerning therapist ever.  They were great."

"I like that the staff is a good team.  Staff always respects the patient.

"Everyone was interested in my well-being.  All were knowledgeable in their fields.  Attentive, sociable and caring."

"Staff very helpful.  Therapists listened to all of my concerns.  If I have future rehab, I would go back to AVH.  Thanks to all staff."

"The therapists were very friendly and polite and gave me a lot of encouragement."

"Great care."

"Excellent, professional, prompt, and informative.  I would give a 5 star rating!"

"Excellent.  They had a lot of patience."

"Amanda was just great!  (The best!)  The treatments and excercises were specific to my needs and really helped my progress along.  Amanda provided me with the tools, handouts, etc. along the way to be used at home.  The receptionists very very friendly!"

Speech Therapy

The speech and language professionals at AVH use a wide variety of techniques to help with speech and communication problems, swallowing issues, cognitive challenges, and hearing problems.

Specialized Services

Aquatic Therapy

Working in water dramatically reduces stress on joints, bones and muscles; minimizes swelling of an injured limb; and provides a safer environment in which to address balance difficulties.  Aquatic therapy is a valuable form of treatment for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, back problems and those recovering from injury or surgery, such as total hip or knee replacements or ACL repairs.  In pediatric therapy, the fun environment of the pool allows therapists to challenge children with decreased muscle tone and improve coordination and functional skills.

Aquatic Therapy is provided by certified AVH clinicians at the Royalty Athletic Club in Gorham.  Please note it is not necessary to be able to swim in order to have aquatic/pool therapy.

Ergonomics: Preventing Workplace Injury

The AVH Rehabilitation Ergonomics Team can help you ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the work environment. We help fit the workplace to the people who do the work, making it an easier, more productive experience. The members of our ergonomics team begin by assessing the work environment and consulting with employees, then apply their experience in physical and occupational therapy to deal with functional positioning and adaptive solutions.


Any patient requiring physical, occupational or speech therapy can receive rehabilitation with a doctor's order.  Along with other members of the multi-disciplinary team, our therapists provide treatment to help patients regain their functional mobility and independence and return to their previous lifestyle.  Staff will be part of the discharge planning process to make life safer and easier when returning home.


AVH provides physical therapy services to the Gorham, Milan and Errol schools (SAU 20) and to Berlin schools (SAU 3).  Students receive therapy services within the school environment during the school day.  Students who receive aquatic therapy as part of their program are seen at the Royalty Athletic Club in Gorham.

Physical therapists work to maximize gross motor abilities which include walking, running, jumping and hopping. They ensure safe mobility in the school environment.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) are used to determine the client's level of work ability as defined by the Department of Labor Standards and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Performed using the Matheson System of Work Evaluation, each FCE is customized for the client by the therapist, based on the diagnosis. A baseline FCE addresses the full range of physical tolerances. A job-specific FCE addresses physical tolerances in comparison to the task demands of the target job. Appropriate return-to-work recommendations are made. A comprehensive report is produced that answers the referral sources' questions as determined at the time of referral. This evaluation is thorough and detailed and executed by a certified therapist. It takes approximately three to four hours to perform.

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy rehabilitates the upper limb, which includes the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle. AVH is proud to have a certified hand therapist on-staff.  The CHT credential offers assurance that the therapist has achieved the highest level of competency in the profession and stays up to date with practice in the field.

Contact Information

For more information about AVH Rehabilitation Services, call (603) 326-5738