Joint Statement of Leaders - North Country Healthcare and Littleton Regional Healthcare

Littleton Regional Healthcare and North Country Healthcare are pleased to announce that they have mutually agreed that Littleton Regional Healthcare’s withdrawal from its affiliation with North Country Healthcare was effective as of September 30, 2019. As of that date, Littleton Regional Healthcare became an independent hospital and North Country Healthcare continues to operate a multi-hospital system including Weeks Medical Center, Androscoggin Valley Hospital, and Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital. This withdrawal follows the extensive review of the Littleton Regional Healthcare withdrawal by The Director of Charitable Trusts, Charitable Trusts Unit of the New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General and its September 13, 2019 report concluding that it would take "no further action" with respect to the withdrawal.

The parties share a goal of providing high quality healthcare services to the communities of the North Country. By resolving their differences over Littleton Regional Healthcare’s withdrawal, they have their full attention focused on that mission. In particular, the parties are actively working together to assure the continued success of North Country Home Health and Hospice Agency, and to promote efforts in the North Country aimed at addressing the opioid abuse crisis.

The parties would like to thank the New Hampshire Director of Charitable Trusts for taking an active role in reviewing the withdrawal and facilitating this transition. Littleton Regional Healthcare and North County Healthcare are committed to continuing to work together cooperatively to face the health care challenges of the North Country.


Bob Nutter, President/CEO                                        Tom Mee, CEO

Littleton Regional Healthcare                                     North Country Healthcare