“Art Through the Ages (Berlin K-12)” Currently on Display in the AVH Cafeteria

For the second year in a row, the Berlin public schools have collaborated on an art exhibit for the AVH Auxiliary Rotating Art Program.  Once again, the youth of Berlin have presented a stunning display of artistic creativity and skill as a progression of learning and talent “through the ages” beginning in kindergarten and culminating in some truly inspirational work by the high school art students.  On display in the AVH Cafeteria, the show will be up through Sunday, March 25. 

Art faculty from the three schools, Lynne Bacon, Erin Crosby, and Roland Simard provided this statement for the project:  “Talented students from the Berlin School District created a wide variety of artwork for this display.  Younger students experimented with perspective and color in their beautiful landscapes.  Middle school students were challenged to create colorful snowboard designs.  High school students labored to create stunning scratchboard art, pastels, and paintings.  This display showcases the artwork from students of all ages in a variety of mediums and styles.  We hope you enjoy seeing the progression of skills and creative diversity of our imaginative students.”  They have already scheduled their exhibit for 2019, as this promises to become an annual event at AVH.

The public is encouraged to visit the AVH Cafeteria and enjoy a lunch or snack while viewing the artwork of Berlin’s youth.  Parents of the artists can bask in the public display of their children’s talents and catch a glimpse of the art program in which they are enrolled.

Every six weeks, the AVH Auxiliary Rotating Art Program features an artist and his/her work for display in the Hospital Cafeteria.  If you are, or know, an artist or craftsperson who would like to exhibit in the Program, please call Linda Morris, Volunteer Coordinator and AVH Auxiliary Liaison, at 326-5676.  Currently, the Hospital is booking for 2019.  AVH is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  AVH is a proud member of North Country Healthcare.

​PHOTO:  L to R, Roland Simard, Lynne Bacon, Erin Crosby