The Art of Bradford Wyman Currently on Display in the AVH Cafeteria

The new guest artist exhibit at the Androscoggin Valley Hospital has a different look this month.  Brad Wyman, by his own admission, is not really an artist, but, over the last half century, has been designing and making his own seasonal greeting cards.  He calls himself “The Accidental Artist.”  Until January 1, his greeting cards will be on display in the Cafeteria at the Hospital. 

Brad most frequently uses linoleum block printing, but does screen prints as well, or sometimes both.  There are fifty cards in the exhibit.  Six of his favorites are framed, while the rest are simply stuck on the wall in chronological order.  He says, “The display is best viewed as a body of work.  Many of the cards are amateurish and poorly produced.  However, taken as a whole, they tell some stories—about improving concepts and techniques, about the thread of our married and family life over 50 years, and about our evolving value system and lifestyle.  I believe anyone viewing this collection will be able to think back over his/her past and imagine his/her own collection of annual images.”

Anyone who is interested is invited to grab a coffee or lunch in the AVH Cafeteria and take in Brad’s exhibit.  The cards are labeled by year and subject matter or inspiration.  There will be no artist’s reception.

Every six weeks, the Androscoggin Valley Hospital Auxiliary Rotating Art Program features an artist and his/her work for display in the Hospital Cafeteria, giving employees, patients, and guests an opportunity to admire the artwork.  If you are, or know, an artist or craftsperson who would like to exhibit in the AVH Auxiliary Rotating Art Program, please call Linda Morris, Volunteer Coordinator, at 326-5676.  AVH is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  AVH is a proud partner of North Country Healthcare.